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Tack Apparel proudly is a premier custom cycling clothing manufacturer in the USA. Our commitment is to offer you and your team the finest cycling attire that seamlessly blends quality and affordability.

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From jerseys to shorts and even socks, we offer a vast array of cycling apparel. Made from high-quality materials, our products are durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking, designed with comfort and performance.

As cycling jersey manufacturers, we prioritize your comfort on your rides with our moisture-wicking, breathable cycling jerseys designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic so you can ride faster and more efficiently.


We are leading cycling shorts manufacturers designing shorts with high-quality materials and construction to provide you with the support and performance you need. We incorporate padded chamois that help to reduce chafing and provide comfort on long rides.


We are among the top sock manufacturers for producing high-quality socks. Our socks are made from moisture-wicking fabrics and feature anti-microbial treatments to keep your feet fresh. Our socks are known for their durability and style on and off the road.


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As leading bicycle clothing manufacturers, we focus on innovative production technology, product research and development, and after-sales service to maintain long-term stability. We collaborate with top athletes to design apparel that satisfies the highest standards for comfort and functionality.

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Tack Apparel is one of the top custom sports apparel manufacturers. We think clients should have complete control in terms of design and fabric. We allow our clients to select the style and other details of the clothing they wish. You receive assistance from our qualified designers in choosing the ideal materials and patterns for your cycling team.

Cycling Jersey Manufacturers Adding Precision to Performance

Tack Apparel adds precision to performance with the right materials, construction techniques, and finishing touches to create a comfortable jersey. Integrated pockets, reflective trim, and sun protection add to the uniqueness of jerseys.

Ride in Comfort with Premium Cycling Shorts

As a leading shorts manufacturer, Tack Apparel ensures you ride comfortably and style with our premium cycling shorts made with breathable fabrics. We make sure you stay cool and dry on your ride.

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With a wide variety of cycling apparel, you can find the perfect gear per your business style and persona. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect cycling apparel for your next ride.

Schedule a consultation today, and let us help you find the perfect gear to take your cycling to the next level!

bicycling clothing
bicycling clothing

Experience the Difference with Custom Cycling Apparel

Ready to kick start your cycling clothing line? Look no further – the premier cycling clothing manufacturer in the USA has got you covered! We not only offer personalized apparel and products but also provide tailored branding solutions, empowering you to launch your very own clothing brand with confidence.

Crafted for Champions: Premium Cycling Jerseys Await

Our premium cycling jerseys, designed for champions like you, will elevate your cycling experience. Tack Apparel, the top-notch cycling jersey manufacturer, knows that excellent performance requires exceptional equipment. In light of this, our cycling jerseys are more than simply pieces of clothing; they symbolize your commitment to and love of the sport.

Each jersey in the range is the ideal blend of modern technology and classic design. We pay attention to every detail, from moisture-wicking modern fabrics that keep you cool and dry to aerodynamic designs that increase speed.

Join the highly regarded group of cyclists who rely on our equipment to propel them to new heights. With our premium cycling jerseys, you can experience the difference. They combine quality, style, and performance to make you unbeatable on track.

Ride Longer and Stronger With Top-Notch Cycling Shorts

Our top-notch cycling shorts are made to let you cycle longer and harder, allowing you to enjoy riding like never before. As a high-end cycling shorts manufacturer, Tack Apparel knows how important performance and comfort are to every cyclist’s trip. Given this, we pay great attention to designing our cycling shorts to improve your riding experience.

Our shorts are made of advanced fabrics meant to wick away sweat, lessen friction, and offer the ideal balance of support and flexibility. You’ll notice the difference we make with each pedal stroke, whether you’re facing challenging peaks or simply riding along lengthy miles of road.

Bid farewell to discomfort and greet the open road with our cycling shorts. Take advantage of our premium shorts’ comfort and performance by enhancing your bike trips.

Custom Cycling Gear: First-class Quality with Ultimate Customizations

Our customized cycling gear offers the ideal fusion of quality and customization. Our customers enjoy a personalized riding experience catered to their style and performance requirements.

We make sure that every item, from cycling jerseys and shorts to accessories, is expertly produced using premium fabrics and advanced technology. We stand out because we’re dedicated to making the equipment truly yours. You may choose patterns and colours and even include a personal touch or your club’s logo.

Riding in our specialized gear is more than simply cycling—making a statement. Join the group of bikers who are picky about quality and customization. With our specialized cycling gear, you can enhance your ride and have a new, unforgettable road experience.