Custom Gym Wear Manufacturers
Designing Apparel to Your Specifications

We are a leading gym wear manufacturer catering to the unique needs of gym goers. Elevate your brand with our personalized fitness apparel designed exclusively to your specifications.

Top-Notch Gym Apparel Manufacturers – A Look at Our Offerings!

We pride ourselves on producing the best gym gear as the industry’s top workout clothing manufacturer. With our high-end, top-notch fabrics and vibrant designs, let us enable your business to dominate the fitness apparel sector.

Make your style stand out with our custom sweatshirts. With maximum coziness in mind, these sweatshirts are a great workout companion or casual staple. With our top-notch craftsmanship and quality, we’ll make your designs come alive.


Featuring a perfect blend of fashion and performance, our leggings and shorts will keep you comfortable and stylish. We, the top legging manufacturers, make designs that keep wearers on top of their game. You’ll find it all for a fitness wardrobe, whether it’s vibrant prints or sleek solids.


Get a crop top that redefines workout chic. With the perfect balance of breathability and support, these essentials are stylish and functional. Let our expert craftsmen create your unique look.


Your Trusted Workout Clothes Manufacturer Dedicated to Quality!

As leading gym clothing manufacturers, we’re dedicated to delivering quality and comfort. You’ll get an unbeatable gym experience with our top-notch gym wear. We help you build your brand from conception to production and logistics.

Empower Your Retail Business With Custom Gym Apparel!

Tack gym clothing manufacturers have many articles that meet excellence and diversity. Unique designs, various fabrics, striking aesthetics, and customizable sizes make our collection stand out. You’ll get unmatched flexibility with our no-limit order quantity policy.

Our Fitness Shorts
Your Ideal Choice

Designed for effortless style and versatility, our shorts come in various styles. Based on our years of experience as short manufacturers, we create the most comfortable and unique mesh workout shirts.

Working Hard and Dressing Well

We carry out all in-house printing, embroidery, and cut and sew manufacturers while upholding the same exacting standards as we do for the clothing themselves.

Our Manufacturing Expertise

Empower Your Team with Outstanding Sportswear Manufacturing!

Empower your team with our outstanding gym and sports apparel manufacturer services. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our offerings. From crafting custom designs that perfectly represent your team’s identity to using premium-quality materials that ensure durability and comfort, we’re dedicated to elevating your game.


Mastering Gym Fashion – The Gym Clothes Manufacturer of Your Choice

In today’s beauty-conscious era, the fusion of fitness and fashion is hotter than ever. Joining forces with Tack Apparel, a top-tier gym clothes manufacturer, ensures your dominance in this thriving market.

Gym Apparel Manufacturers Mastering the Art of Best Customer Service

Known as one of the best gym clothes manufacturers in the USA, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers. Our staff is relentlessly committed to providing quality and the best athletic wear.

We support partnerships that transcend beyond business dealings. Professionalism is our priority right from the start. It’s how we ensure you obtain just the best gym attire and have a smooth working relationship with us.

Even after your items are delivered, our commitment remains. We believe that exemplary pre- and post-order support constitutes a part of one’s professional commitment. Our team is always available and prepared to help, whether you have questions, need advice, or encounter any obstacles.

Tack Apparel is more than simply a gym clothes manufacturer; we cultivate trust, walk beside you as you pursue a healthy gym wear brand, and support your achievements.

Your Style, Our Expertise with Private Label Custom Clothing

Starting on your journey to establish a gym wear line? You’re in great hands with Tack Apparel, a premier US private-label gym clothes manufacturer. In addition to giving you complete creative control over your gym wear, we provide personalized labeling to help you establish your brand.

Our devoted teams are made up of seasoned experts with a lot of expertise committed to ensuring every little thing ties in with your vision. We supply the highest caliber items and provide constant assistance since we know the difficulties in building a brand.

We have you covered at every stage, from concept to completion.

Innovative Printing Solutions for Your Gym Wear Brand

Due to our innovative printing methods, we proudly occupy the top spot among US workout clothes manufacturers. Sublimation is one of the tools in our toolbox, along with various others, including cut-and-sew, dyeing, washing, and embroidery.

The best method for adding logos, numbers, and complex patterns to your workout clothes is sublimation. In this method, a computerized design is created on transfer paper using liquid ink, which is then effortlessly transferred onto your apparel.

The outcome? Prints that are eye-catching, precise, and unbelievably strong guarantee that Activewear keeps its brightness through numerous washes.

Our sublimation-printed gym wear, including sweat suits and shirts, has dominated the industry. Our clients highly praise the airy and lightweight feel, which makes working out in style a delight.