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Tack Apparel creates high-quality, cost-effective ideas that will support the expansion of any business and new start-up. We can be much more than just clothing manufacturers who help in the marketing of your brands or products as private labeling manufacturers.

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Our private label services can help launch your clothing line or take your established brand to the next level, regardless of whether you have a well-known, well-established brand or a brand-new, emerging manufacturer. You’ll be impressed by the meticulous craftsmanship of our creations.

If there is just one material that can be both a great source of luxury and durability, it has to be a woven Label. The trademark identification of the clothing is guaranteed for life by them. Tack Apparel offers woven labels in a wide range of specifications and gives our woven labels a sophisticated and natural touch. Weaved labels come in high-definition printing inks and eco-friendly yarns.If you’re seeking something supple, opulent, and vintage-looking, satin woven labels can be of appeal to you. Satin threads work well for formal clothing, lingerie, and children’s clothing.


Although there is no one way to design something perfectly, it is well known that shoppers appreciate inventive hang tags. Don’t let your message be obscured by poor printing on paper that customers will be eager to throw away. We are the label producers who are skilled at producing high-quality hang tags.


Heat transfer is the best option when you want a label’s appearance and feel without really having one. These labels provide any product with a polished, finished appearance and improve the wearing experience for consumers.
Custom heat transfer printed labels by Tack Apparel, exclusively for customers who choose not to order in bulk quantities while maintaining the highest level of quality in the apparel goods.


Satin printed labels are incredibly smooth and silky in texture while maintaining their shape, and are perfect for t-shirts, baby apparel, or lingerie. The gloss of the satin material can elevate your goods. Tee slick background of satin garment labels makes it easier to print extremely fine, detailed lines and letters, so they are also good as care and content labels.


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Tack apparel provides full solutions from original concept to finished product and on-time delivery to assist secure your success in today’s fiercely competitive private label clothing companies.

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Private labeling has emerged as a top choice. You can be sure that you’ll receive a high-quality product made using a productive private label clothing manufacturing process when you allow us to make your private label goods.

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We are white-label clothing manufacturers with an entirely distinctive and personalized
appearance. You can design white labels using a variety of Tack apparel manufacturers to get incredibly, custom-made outfits for your private label clothing business.

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We may be much more than just a manufacturer who supports you in marketing your brands or products as a private label clothing manufacturer.

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What are you waiting for— Tack Apparel provides a platform where you can buy, design, and manufacture your apparel line.

We Create Your Ideas

We may be much more than just a manufacturer who supports you in marketing your brands or products as a private label clothing manufacturer.

Full-Service Private Label Clothing Manufacturers In The USA

We can be much more than just clothing manufacturers who help in the marketing of your brands or products as private label clothing manufacturers. Instead, think of us as a collaborator with whom you can work to create high-quality, cost-effective ideas that will support the expansion of your brand.

We are here to support you as you develop your brand! You came up with a fantastic idea! With the help of our private label clothes manufacturers, you may create anything you want that will look amazing. We can also give you the freedom to use your logos and branding to make items that stand out and sell.

From idea to shipping, we will closely oversee your own private label custom clothing to ensure a high standard of quality assurance and on-time production.

All In One, The Best Private Label Apparel Manufacturers

At Tack Apparel we think that increased market stability and brand loyalty set the stage for long-term success. We provide you with a spotless private-label luxury clothes facility that will let you compete with more well-known brands in the sector.

With the help of our comprehensive private label clothes production capabilities, you may expand your clothing company at a phenomenal rate while lowering costs and optimizing return on investment.
To stand out from the competition and become more well-known among your target market, you can further personalize your hangtags and private labels.

To Startle Your Customers, Create A Private-Label Clothing Line

We are the best private label clothes manufacturers in the USA. No matter what you need, we will always work with you to discover the best relief for your discomfort.

With the help of our wonderful customizing services for your items, you may improve the perception of your company and keep your customers’ attention.

Tack Apparel provides you with high-quality private label apparel with hangtags in every size and form. Additionally, we provide you with bespoke private woven labels, custom private satin labels, and heat transfer labels.

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Tack Apparel offers a variety of private label apparel options to suit different needs. Our experience in private labeling, where we not only produce high-quality blank items but also offer a wide range of customizing options, further supports our competence.

With our help, you can create a whole line of exquisite and amazing custom clothing lines for your hoodies and t-shirt manufacturer brands.