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Tack Apparel Sportswear manufacturer is a great combo of comfort and style. We focus on combining high fashion with fitness and our priority will be keeping our customers to satisfied clients.

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To make sure your athletic brand is at its best, we use high-quality sportswear fabrics and cut-and-sew procedures. Our clothing fabrics for your fitness line feature UV protection, moisture control, a cool fit, flat lock stitching, and vibrant, brilliant colors!


Gym wear from Tack Apparel is elegant, fashionable, and comfortable whether you’re working out, doing exercise, going gym, or just lounging around the house.
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We’re on a mission to provide you with outstanding quality, classic, and contemporary leisure and athletic apparel so you can feel and look your best.

Athletic clothing manufacturers offer items including cycling jerseys, crew socks, T-shirts, hoodies, arm sleeves, cool-down towels, active-wear caps, and racerback tanks.


Eco-friendly yoga wear is available at Tack Apparel. Our yoga clothing has travel- and office-friendly styles made of breathable, sweat-friendly material. We offer playsuits, cycling shorts, crop tops, sports bras, and leggings.


High-Quality Active-Wear
Manufacturer in the USA- For Your Brand

The best sportswear manufacturer in the USA, Tack Apparel, can assist you in starting your line of athletic apparel. We always work to source the most fashionable, top-notch sportswear.

Diverse Sportswear Manufacturing Services in the USA

We take pleasure in being athleisure experts based in the USA. Tack Apparel’s active-wear manufacturer selection is the greatest anywhere. We are the leading maker of athletic clothing, gym wear, sportswear, and athleisure wear.

Fitness with Style

YTack Apparel may meet your demand for credible sportswear manufacturers because it provides elegant bespoke sportswear solutions that satisfy customers’ styles.

Conceptual Design

You can count on the manufacturers to use cutting-edge techniques like custom embroidery to make your range of athletic selections stand out from the market’s opposition.

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Sportswear Manufacturer to Work with and Help You Reach You’re Objectives for Your Active-Wear Line?

We provide excellent production choices for sportswear apparel at affordable prices. Tack apparel specializes in producing high-quality sports bras, yoga pants, tights, and compression leggings.

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Clothing Manufacturers For Your Business?

For all the right reasons, the production processes and procedures implemented by Tack sports apparel manufacturers have become fashionable in other areas of the world.

Find the Best Custom Sportswear Manufacturer

In order to simplify the process, make it easy for businesses, and help businesses in making an informed decision simply so they could feel at ease while outsourcing their athletic gear to a sports apparel maker, Tack Apparel recently entered the scene and completely altered the rules of the game.
With a wide variety of options, limitless customization possibilities, and a flair for innovation, Tack Apparel takes pleasure in being one of the best producers of personalized apparel in the market.

A high-end experience is ensured by our designing, manufacturing, expert team allocation on your custom athletic wear manufacturing order, and other essential parts of the overall service, all of which are guaranteed to be top-notch by all means. This helps us to get more favorable ratings and reviews from brands around the world.

Deforming Custom Active-Wear Manufacturers in the USA Clothing Industry

We are one of the reputable custom clothing manufacturers that provide many different customization possibilities at affordable prices.

A full-time, reputable sportswear manufacturer, Tack Apparel provides a total solution for your brand production needs. Yoga pants, leggings, tights, sports bras, workout attire, and shorts manufacturing are just a few of the high-quality sportswear items that our staff dedicatedly produces.

For the production of fine apparel, we mix cutting-edge and conventional manufacturing techniques to help your businesses expand swiftly. We have experienced sports gear makers with a passion for creating high-quality sportswear that your customers will adore.

A Sportswear Manufacturer That Is Constantly Devoted To Your Business

We make the process easier for you by continuously supporting new brands, companies, and startups and by maintaining strong visibility throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Our incredibly functional, cozy, and fashionable cloth sportswear is exactly what your company needs to become more popular with consumers. Our wide selection of materials, which includes polyester, cotton, yarn, etc., now includes new developments.

Along with exercise, choosing the appropriate workout attire is essential to maintaining your physical fitness. We as sports fitness clothing manufacturers create a material that is both fashionable and comfy by layering a high-end custom design over the fabric. Our skilled design team and customer service team completely comprehend your brand’s thoughts and ideas and offer you the greatest product line.