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Manufacturing custom apparel — especially as a start-up clothing brand — is an involved process. There are many considerations and many questions you may have. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can answer some basic and essential questions regarding custom apparel manufacturing and Tack Apparel. Please make sure you check this page before contacting Tack Apparel.

Can I Order A Sample Before Ordering?

Tack Apparel will produce a sample free of charge with any production order. However: free pre-production samples cannot be created until we have received the production order deposit.

If you would like a sample before putting in a production order, we can accommodate that request — but will have to charge for the sample.

While we can technically produce a finished sample for any garment, the cost of a sample can be prohibitively expensive in small orders. In small run orders, it is simply not cost effective to request a sample. If you want a sample no matter what, please be aware of the cost.

Where Does Manufacturing Take Place?

We have multiple manufacturing facilities, our cut and sew facility is located in Karachi, Pakistan where manufacturing is done in a complete sweatshop free environment.

Is Your Blank Apparel Catalog All You Have?

The website does not list our complete selection of customizable apparel products. Tack Apparel has partnered with several blank apparel suppliers – we have access to thousands of products. If you do not see what you want, please let us know.

Can I Bring My Own Garments To Tack For Embroidery, Screen Printing, Or Other Services?

Yes. However, please discuss Bring Your Own (BYO) with us first. There may be a conflict between your desired apparel style and your desired service (e.g., you cannot bring us a non-polyester t-shirt for dye-sublimation printing).

Can You Do Precise Color Matching?

Precise color matching depends on the services you need. We can mix Pantone colors for inks in screen printing and dyes in sublimation. As for embroidery, since there is no way for us to “mix” threads, we are limited to the stock color selection provided by our thread suppliers.

What If I Don’t Have A Design, Artwork, Or Logo?

We do not offer artwork creation or artwork design services. We are not an artwork studio and we do not specialize in the creation of such artwork. For the best possible results, we strongly recommend pursuing someone with a specialty in art, design, and logo creation.

What If My Artwork, Design, Or Logo Is Not In Production-Ready Format?

We do offer artwork conversion: that is, if your artwork or logo is not in digitized, production-ready format, we can convert the logo from non-standard format into standard production formats (e.g., DST for embroidery or vector-based logo for screen printing).

When You Digitize My Artwork Or Logo, Who Owns The Digitized File?

Tack Apparel retains copies to all files we have digitized. If you require your digitized artwork files, we will absolutely deliver them to you. Please let us know if you need your artwork files.

Can You Do Rush Orders?

For screen printing and embroidery, we can generally do rush orders. Please indicate that your job should be rushed when you are ordering. If you submit an order and then ask for it to be rushed, there is a chance our production schedule will not allow us to fulfill your order as requested.

Please note: non-negotiable rush fees, calculated by the day, accompany all rush orders.
Please also note: dye-sublimation printing, cut and sew manufacturing, and woven labels cannot be rushed.

What types of systems do you support?

We pride ourselves on being “ecosystem agnostic”: whether you use Google Apps or Office365, Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, we will support your team.  Need to install a server onsite or host one virtually on Amazon or Azure? We will support you.  Need to transition from one ecosystem to another?  We’ll be there for you.

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