Finest Glove Manufacturers in USA Defining the Standard

Tack Apparel stands out among global glove manufacturers, with our dedicated team setting the benchmark for glove manufacturing. We redefine excellence in every stitch with our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. We aim to provide protection, safety, utility, and comfort to workers working in potentially damaging working environments.

From Fashion to Function

Discover Our Range of Top Quality Gloves

As the leading industrial gloves manufacturer, we ensure our gloves are designed to withstand the most demanding working conditions. They offer solid hand protection for various industries since they are made with accuracy and durability in mind. You can rely on our industrial gloves to keep your hands safe and productive when handling dangerous materials or heavy machinery.


With our cotton gloves, elegance and comfort are combined. These airy, light gloves are ideal for wearing on special occasions or daily. They are made of soft, high-quality cotton, providing an appealing feel and a fashionable flair. Our cotton gloves offer unmatched comfort and refinement, making us the best cotton gloves manufacturer in town.


Improve your golfing with our top-notch gloves. They offer the ideal ratio of comfort and control because they are built for performance and grip. Our golf gloves are made of premium materials to offer a firm grip on the club, improving your swing and overall performance. Tee off with confidence and style.


Knitted Gloves Manufacturer Adding Warmth and Style in Every Stitch

Experience the uniqueness of knitted gloves like never before. Our team of knitted glove manufacturers blends warmth and style flawlessly in every stitch. Upgrade your cold-weather fashion with our chic and cozy creations. All our knitted gloves meet international standards and can be customized with your logo.

Golf Glove Manufacturers Balancing Excellence and Quality in Every Swing

Crafting golf excellence is our passion. As sports apparel manufacturers, we strike the perfect balance between excellence and quality in every swing. We have gloves designed for champions to bring out the best in golf players.

Premium Quality Gloves You Need

Our mission at Tack Apparel is to be the industry leader in outstanding innovation and superior-quality gloves.

Prioritizing Safety Above All

We aim to protect workers around the globe. All of our production processes are developed in-house to keep the safety of our customers at the top of our minds.

Let’s Have a Look

Why Tack Apparel Is Your Best Choice?

Tack Apparel has invested heavily in time and resources for research and innovation to master the technological breakthroughs in safety and industrial hand protection.


Custom Glove Production That Satisfies Your Unique Requirements

Customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do as custom glove makers. As a business, we provide our clients with the best products, swift service, and competitive pricing.

Mastering Safety Gear to Go Beyond Protection

Tack Apparel has devoted itself to perfecting the art of safety clothing. Beyond only safeguarding hands, our duty entails assuring safety without exception. Our gloves offer the highest level of safety in dangerous areas since we are skilled uniform manufacturers who design them to resist the challenges of different sectors.

With state-of-the-art technology and precise handiwork, we manufacture gloves that protect hands from harm while improving agility and comfort. As a leading safety gear manufacturer, we set industry standards for innovation, quality, and durability.

Our gloves are evidence of our conviction that safety should never be sacrificed. Invest in safety gear from Tack Apparel to protect your future rather than just yourself.

A Range of Hand Gloves Catering To Different Industries

As a top-tier hand gloves manufacturer, Tack Apparel is prepared to meet the demands of various sectors head-on as different industries call for different solutions. Our wide selection of hand gloves is expertly made to meet the demands of various sectors. Whatever industry you work in, whether manufacturing, construction, healthcare, or any other, we have gloves that will suit your needs.

Whether you need tough industrial or fine medical gloves, we offer a wide selection that prioritizes performance, comfort, and safety. You’ll find the ideal gloves to satisfy the requirements of your industry with our dedication to quality and flexibility.

Because we at Tack Apparel know that one size does not fit all, we provide a variety of hand gloves specifically designed for various industries, enabling you to work with assurance.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

You might be curious as to what distinguishes us from the competitors. Our steadfast commitment to excellence holds the key. Our steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction makes us shine.

Our gloves are more than just items; they are evidence of our dedication to quality workmanship. We go above and beyond to guarantee that each set of gloves wearing your name is a marvel of accuracy and toughness. Our attention guarantees gloves that meet and surpass industry standards to detail and use cutting-edge technology.

But it’s not only about the gloves; we depend on your confidence and trust as custom clothing manufacturers. Because of our cherished clients, Tack Hand Gloves Factory stands apart. Your security, contentment, and fulfillment are the cornerstones of everything we do. Choose Tack Apparel to discover the distinction that distinguishes us from other safety glove companies.