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With our Hat Tech Pack, you will have everything you need to communicate your vision efficiently and effectively to clothing manufacturers. We ensure that every aspect of your hat design is documented thoroughly, from measurements and specifications to material choices and color references.


The Apparel Tech Packs we offer have been carefully crafted to provide all the details you need to produce seamless garments. Our tech pack services include details on fabric choices, trimmings, construction specifications, and detailed sketches and measurements.


We offer a comprehensive and essential Swimwear Tech Pack to guide all stages of your swimwear production, whether a bikini or a one-piece, board shorts or cover-ups, everything in our tech pack is documented accurately.


Our T-Shirt Tech Pack is fundamental to ensure your T-shirt designs achieve precision with attention to detail. Our T-Shirt Tech Pack incorporates comprehensive information, including accurate measurements, fabric choices, print details, and stitching specifications.


Weaving Dreams into Reality with Quality Tech Pack for Clothing

We are skilled Tech Pack Designers and know how crucial tech packs are to the fashion business. Our team takes great pride in turning your original concepts into thorough tech packs. Our clothing tech packs can accommodate all your needs, whether you’re a fashion designer introducing a new collection or a clothing company growing your product line.

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The foundation of successful product creation is a well-crafted tech pack, and our team of skilled tech pack makers is committed to creating tech packs that accurately reflect your ideas. Our professional touch ensures that manufacturers are given a clear understanding of your vision, reducing errors and speeding up the production process

Customized Tech Pack Services

Improve your sense of style by using our specialized tech pack services. Enhance your designs with accuracy and close attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch is executed perfectly

Clothing Design Tech Packs

Discover the magic of our Clothing Design Tech Pack, your guide to making creative inspiration a reality. Improve the productivity of your production process with accuracy and knowledge

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Design Smarter with Expert Custom Tech Pack Services in the USA

Leverage Tack Apparel‘s professional custom tech pack services in the USA to design more creatively and effectively. To facilitate easy collaboration with manufacturers, our committed team guarantees correct documentation of your ideas, including measurements, materials, patterns, and trims.

Improve your product development process with accuracy and expertise.

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Top-Notch Custom Tech Pack Services

Our tech packs have clear information that eliminates any room for error, helping you save money on samples while ensuring you can go to market swiftly. Line illustrations and measurements in the Excel data sheets are added to tech packs using CAD procedures.

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Your tech bundle should include instructions on what to update and add for your pattern maker or factory. Better off being more specific – Don’t just assume anything is normal. Your sample is more likely to reflect your original idea on the first try if your tech pack is thorough and simple to read.

Our fashion tech pack designers are talented individuals. We offer factory-ready tech pack services to help you develop a high-quality, accurate product. Our tech pack pricing structure is very flexible and pocket friendly.

Count on Our Designers to Meet Your Expectations on the First Try!

A tech pack can be a powerful tool for brands, designers, and product developers. We make a tech pack that is a detailed, step-by-step instruction manual with specifications for your factory.

Our tech pack is thorough and simple to read and understand, increasing the possibility of receiving exactly what you plan. The manufacturing staff will be able to comprehend technical measurement details, drawings, sketches, and specifics of all different elements through our tech pack, ensuring that your design will be produced precisely.

You can also contact the tech pack makers to make necessary alterations if the sample looks different from the one you accepted.

Uncover the Art of Technical Design with Expert Tech Pack Services in the USA

Reduce costly errors, lower the cost of samples, and quicken your time to market.

Our garment tech packs are appropriate for foreign contractors. They are written in a way that factory workers who might not speak the same language as you can understand it. They will relay to your manufacturer all the parts and building techniques required for production.

A clothing sample, prototype, mockup of your product, and some preliminary sketches or photographs of your design (or perhaps equivalent) are all required to get started. Interested in learning more about how tech packs can optimize your production? Let’s schedule a time to talk.