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Custom shorts are a great way to outfit your team or clients. We are a trusted custom shorts manufacturer-featuring a variety of branded apparel options. Upgrade your brand’s image today!

Tailored for Your Unique Style

Custom Shorts Manufacturer Offering Made-to-Measure Shorts!

Our custom mesh shorts feature breathable and comfortable features, which can be customized to reflect your brand. Furthermore, we ensure they will keep the consumer aerated during workouts and intense activities.


Tack Apparel’s custom nylon shorts have won the hearts of many. Since nylon’s durability is well known, we, as leading fitness clothing manufacturers, have designed sportswear shorts with nylon to resist tearing and stretching.


The perfect look doesn’t sound like a hassle with our denim shorts. Tack denim clothing manufacturers design stylish and comfortable shorts that are a must-have for any wardrobe. Upgrade your brand product offerings today!


Athletic Shorts Manufacturers Supporting Athletic Comfort!

As one of the top-tier athletic shorts manufacturers, we understand that athletes need gear that helps them perform well. To cater to the needs of our athletes and brands, we create flawlessly comfortable sportswear shorts.

Exquisite Custom Shorts of Supreme Quality

Take your brand to new heights with premium custom mesh shorts bearing twill logos and heavy mesh. Contact us for a customer-centric production process, crafting long-lasting and high-quality shorts.

Upgrade Your Gym Style with Premium Athletic Wear

We are the top gym clothing manufacturers incorporating diversity in our designs significant for brands to boost their product demand among customers.

The Power of Dyes – Crafting Unique Brand Identity

Offering custom-dyed fabrics to keep up with the modern color trends and stay updated with the latest color fashions.

Let’s get ready

Why Choose Tack Apparel?

The Tack Apparel team prioritizes sustainable production practices. With that, they handpick the finest fabrics to design comfortable and long-lasting shorts. We ensure our customer clothing brands build satisfactory relationships with their customers. Our apparel is financially accessible to clothing retailers without dropping our standards.

custom shorts
custom shorts
custom shorts
custom shorts
custom shorts

Manufacturer That Perfects the Size and Style!

Our custom bottoms are designed to meet loyal customers’ needs while paying attention to every minute detail. Our shorts have a size and shape to fit every body type and size. Move freely and comfortably in our custom nylon shorts.

A Variety of Custom Shorts That Sets Us Apart!

Our wide selection of customized shorts goes above and beyond the norm by providing various customization possibilities. We have developed our art to prioritize using superior materials as seasoned mesh shorts manufacturers with over a decade of expertise. This guarantees exceptional comfort and longevity, making our products a standard of excellence.

A committed team is always available at the company to hear about your specific requirements and issues. Share your goals and challenges for developing your line of personalized shorts, and we’ll turn them into high-end, affordable solutions.

Choose us as your partner, and together, we’ll strengthen your brand’s identity and set it apart in the marketplace with substance and flair.

Various Options for Customization – Just as You Like It!

The options for customization are nearly infinite, and our bespoke seamstresses are ready to help you accomplish your ideas. Our highly skilled designers take responsibility as soon as you make your order, assuring effectiveness at every stage.

We take care of everything for you, from choosing the best materials through precise cutting, stitching, embellishment, sample, mass manufacturing, and quick shipment. Our top-notch in-house service meets your demands, and our artisans enjoy taking on new tasks.

Custom shorts are a tribute to workmanship and a fashion statement. Our designs, including center seams, leg seams, waistbands, and hems, distinguish us from competitors and boost client demand.

Want to give it a preppy feel? We can alter waistbands to suit your preferences. Your shorts will have a distinctive edge with the shorter waistbands’ streetwise attitude. At Tack Apparel, you can design fantastic shorts, giving you the freedom to change basic bottoms into something incredibly distinctive and vice versa.

Finding the Ideal Custom Shorts Manufacturer

What distinguishes the top mesh shorts manufacturers? It’s the streamlined method they provide to bring your shorts to life, guaranteeing a fantastic experience and a finished product that includes branding, tags, and flawless artwork after the design phase.

Our business offers retailers, fashion brands, and designers a thorough end-to-end solution. Along with making shorts, we also provide excellent printing services. We have everything you need, whether you want conventional printing techniques or something completely original.

Let’s examine some cutting-edge print methods you may not have seen before. We aim to elevate your brand with premium bespoke custom shorts and cutting-edge design solutions while providing an outstanding custom fashion design experience.