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Tack Apparel, a manufacturer that specializes in creating basic to complex design swimwear, creates an exclusive range of custom swimwear. We are dedicated to providing growth ideas to entrepreneurs who are entering the fashion business.

Get the Classic Swimwear Manufacturer Services

Seeking production of swimwear of high quality? Tack Apparel provides custom swimsuit prints and designs! Look nowhere else.

Tack Apparel believes it is our responsibility to ensure that when they are in the market and comparing various private label swimsuits, they are awed by the look and feel of your custom-made bikini or swimsuit.


For their exclusive custom one-piece swimwear product line, the swimwear makers provide the apparel labels the option to select their fabric, sizing, and even stitching techniques.


Custom swimwear has become increasingly popular, so it’s no surprise that the apparel business has welcomed this new development with open arms. Due to the interesting design and color options, Tack Apparel has given custom-made bikinis a new identity.


Expanding the Market of
Swimwear with the New Standard

Regardless of the order or size of the company, Tack apparel manufacturers are capable of meeting a variety of needs from businesses for cut and sew custom swimwear, and personalized bikinis.

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Tack Apparel modernize the swimwear manufacturer, and we do so by providing the lowest minimum orders, a cutting-edge online store for sample and bulk orders, and ready-made design options that are on-trend and customizable for almost everything we sell.

High-Quality Swimwear for Your Brand

Tack Apparel has various patterns and features in swimsuit clothing, including bands, straps, cuts, fabrics, sizing, and accessories with virtually endless customization possibilities.

Expands Your Clothing Wear

We are swimwear manufacturers in the USA offering a wide selection of premium clothing including swimwear, sportswear, fitness items, and more.

Get set to punk rock!

Do you have everything ready to start producing your swimsuit designs?

We are prepared when you are if you know what you need and want to get started straight away. For more information on swimsuit manufacturing services.

One-stop Shop-a custom swimwear manufacturer

We simplify the process of completing all of your customized swimwear manufacture and more. Our dependable, experienced crew will realize all of your bespoke ideas. We provide more beneficial solutions for your private label and competitive manufacturing pricing.

Custom Swimsuits Manufacturer with Low MOQ

Tack Apparel offers a huge selection of styles and personalization options for companies that have their custom swimwear lines, or anyone who wishes to launch a swimwear brand or who is managing a brand can get support and guidance from our apparel company.

We manufacture custom-made swimsuits and offer our expertise in managing profitable businesses to numerous new start-ups and established brands. Our ability to develop custom-made forms and designs by the needs and specifications of the customer is our specialty in the manufacture of swimwear.
You can sample and check out several clothing lines due to our low MOQ. You have the freedom to select whatever fabric and style you want for your product line thanks to our versatility.

Custom-Made Swimsuits Manufacturer to Meet All Your Requirement

We are a custom clothing manufacturer of high-quality, cozy clothes. With us, you may select from a variety of intriguing and unique designs without having to do anything yourself. You should only concentrate on the brand and its advertising. We are the custom swimwear manufacturer you require to dominate the market with your target clientele.

We can meet all of your swimsuit manufacturing and production demands, including those for men’s board shorts, custom women’s swimsuits, and custom-made bikinis. We are your go-to swimsuit maker, specializing in everything from classic one-pieces to intricate bikini manufacturing.

Custom Swimwear Manufacturer for Every Type and Size

When it comes to producing custom-made swimsuits, Tack Apparel is a premium company that provides the best quality and prices available. Get swimsuits manufactured to your specifications that adhere to the ethos of your apparel business.

As the best custom swimwear manufacturer in the USA, we’ve figured out how to satisfy various clients and their consumers’ needs. Our main objective is to make the best swimwear possible for ladies of all body types and shapes. We are one of the top manufacturers on the market because of our high standards of quality in the workplace. We are dedicated to quality, fashion, innovation, and fitness.

The continued business approach that makes Tack Apparel a customer- and brand-oriented setup and enables us to deliver on-demand services for each client is one of our strengths. We have a sizable clientele and are knowledgeable about current trends in clothes.