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Tack Apparel’s factory creates custom leggings for everyday wear and special occasions. Working closely with our clients ensures they’re involved in every step. Trust us for the finest quality, tailor-made leggings that boost your business with quality manufacturing.

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Winning Leggings Manufacturers’ Unique Custom Legging Services

After working hard for many years, we’ve become the top Custom Clothing Manufacturer in the USA. We provide personalized leggings made in USA to retail businesses and private-label leggings brands. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Our gym clothing is your workout essential. Created for comfort and flexibility, gym leggings allow unrestricted movement, keeping the wearer cool and focused on achieving fitness milestones during intense workouts.


Our yoga leggings offer the utmost composure. Created to stretch and move effortlessly with the body, these leggings ensure comfort and flexibility during yoga, promoting inner peace and tranquility.


Express the unique style with our vibrant printed leggings. Featuring unique designs and colors, they uplift your brand’s fashion statement while providing all-day comfort suitable for casual and special occasions.


We let your customers slip into luxurious comfort with our seamless leggings. Crafted for a smooth, flattering fit, these soft and seamless leggings offer supreme comfort and freedom of movement throughout the day.


We are a custom shorts leggings manufacturer helping your customers stay cool and agile in our short leggings. Designed for warm days and intense workouts, these leggings offer flexibility and breathability, ensuring comfort for all active pursuits.


Boost your performance with our compression leggings. Designed to support muscles, enhance circulation, and reduce fatigue, these leggings aid in workout performance and faster post-exercise recovery.


Custom Leggings Manufacturer
Empowering Brands
through Customization

At Tack Apparel, we offer extensive customization for leggings. Choose the perfect size, select from various fabrics, and embrace unique sublimation printing options. Tailor custom leggings to match your brand’s vision effortlessly.

Tack Apparel Endures Style
with Supreme Quality

Tack Apparel symbolizes enduring style through our commitment to supreme quality. Our precisely crafted leggings embody durability and fashion, ensuring your brand stands out with timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship.

Customized Branding with Private Label Magic

With high-end, ready-made leggings according to your design and specifications, we help you quickly enter the market with your brand logo on the product.

Visual Brilliance with Dazzling Designs

We offer uniqueness in every stitch with our personalized leggings. Stand out with our attention-grabbing, striking designs, setting your style apart.

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As a top producer of leggings, we have access to the best resources and cutting-edge technology to help us design the best custom-printed leggings that meet your needs.

Is it time to redefine the style of your brand? Bring life to your offerings with our patterned workout leggings designed to stand out. Contact us today to learn more about exclusive designs and personalized manufacturing solutions that set your brand apart.


Tack Apparel Offers Luxurious Comfort in Every Legging!

We are a first-grade sportswear manufacturer and a comprehensive solution for clothing businesses and startups. Serving as your manufacturer, we understand your requirements very well. Our top-tier product line guarantees broad recognition.

Our inclusive platform nurtures startups and established legging brands, empowering them to become customer favorites. With expertise in crafting custom clothing lines, we oversee the entire legging production journey, ensuring a seamless process from inception to the final product.

Our team works hard to meet the diverse needs of businesses and retailers, and they create well-tailored workout leggings that effortlessly blend comfort and style. Trust us for end-to-end manufacturing that simplifies your brand’s journey to prominence and effortless market appeal.

Your Style Leggings Perfected With Our Quality Fabrics

At Tack Apparel, we pride ourselves on refining your style through our attention to fabric quality in every legging we manufacture. We select premium fabrics known for their durability, comfort, and versatility, ensuring an unmatched wearing experience. From moisture-wicking materials for activewear to luxuriously soft blends for everyday elegance, our range of top-quality fabrics caters to diverse preferences.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customization. We offer clients the freedom to choose their preferred fabrics, empowering them to curate leggings that align perfectly with their brand’s identity and target audience. Whether it’s the feel of performance-focused fabric or the luxurious touch of specialty blends, our extensive fabric selection ensures every detail of your envisioned USA-made leggings is perfected.

Low MOQ Promise for Small Orders with Bigger Style

At Tack Apparel, we hold your vision, no matter the size of your order, with our Low MOQ promise. We understand that big ideas often start small, so we offer the flexibility of low minimum order quantities without compromising style or quality. Our commitment remains firm – to deliver exceptional leggings made in the USA, crafted precisely to your specifications, even for smaller orders.

This promise empowers startups, emerging brands, and businesses with limited inventory space to access premium leggings manufacturing, enabling them to showcase their unique styles in the market. From innovative designs to superior fabric selection, each pair of leggings and stretch pants exemplifies our dedication to infusing style, quality, and craftsmanship, ensuring that even small orders receive the same attention to detail and excellence that define Tack Apparel’s standards.