Types of Leggings

The 12 Types of Leggings: Your Comprehensive Style Guide

Have you ever stood in front of your closet for half an hour, confused about your bottom styling? If you’ve ever wondered how to up your style game while feeling comfortable and looking amazing, you’re in the right place. We’ll take you into the diversity of leggings, and today, it’s about different types of leggings that can make a big difference in your wardrobe. 

Look! Leggings aren’t just stretchy pants. They are like your trusted sidekicks of fashion and comfort. Knowing the types of leggings can help you look and feel amazing in every setting. So, get ready to discover 12 fantastic legging styles that will have you confidently strutting your stuff!

Types of Leggings

Naturally, no two pairs of leggings are the same, so it’s wise to choose the appropriate pair based on your demands, comfort level, and body type. Keeping that in mind, let’s examine the different kinds of leggings and determine which ones work best for various scenarios.

Classic Leggings

Types of Leggings

Simply put, classic leggings are a daily need. They are very stretchable, comfortable, and elastic. They go well with practically anything in your closet. They serve as the ideal foundation for endless ensembles, from flowy dresses to baggy tees. Try wearing classic leggings under a sweater dress or with a long, flowy top to increase your style score. They’re a wardrobe essential that you can wear to both a laid-back evening out and a casual brunch.

High-Waisted Leggings

Types of Leggings

For good reason, high-waisted legging types have become increasingly trendy. With their higher waist, these leggings give you more support and a figure-flattering silhouette. They give you a safe, self-assured feeling, like a soft hug to your tummy.

Tucked-in shirts, sports bras, and crop tops look great with high-waisted leggings. These leggings give you a sleek, fashionable appearance that fits any outfit and accentuates your waist.

Compression Leggings

Types of Leggings

Compression leggings are not an average pair of women’s ankle leggings. They have unique features that improve blood circulation and apply mild pressure on your muscles. Because of this, they are excellent for daily wear as well as exercise.

Compression leggings aid in reducing muscle fatigue and promoting better recovery during your workouts. When dressing them, pair them with a sweater or gym top for a sporty vibe. These leggings are a secret weapon to help you look and feel your best.

Printed Leggings

Types of Leggings

Like all others, Printed leggings are also a type of ankle leggings that give your ensemble a pop of personality. They are available in an extensive range of patterns, from striking abstract designs to colorful flowers. Balance is essential when styling printed leggings.

To bring out the prints, wear them with tops in solid colors and uncomplicated accessories. With these leggings, you can showcase your style and make a statement in a crowd.

Leather Leggings

Types of Leggings

Leggings made of leather are the height of sophisticated edginess. They provide a smooth, glossy texture that instantly transforms your appearance. Extremely flexible leather leggings look well for both professional and informal occasions.

Wear them with sneakers and a graphic top for a laid-back vibe. Wear them with shoes and a stylish blouse to make them seem more formal. The secret to giving your look a dash of rockstar glam is to wear leather leggings.

Workout Leggings

Types of Leggings

Workout legging types are made to complement your busy lifestyle. You can feel cool and comfortable working out because they are composed of fabrics that wick away sweat. Your exercise regimen can be significantly improved with the correct workout leggings.

Pick them according to what kind of exercise you like; there are designs for yoga, weightlifting, and jogging. Wear your favorite sneakers with your exercise leggings and a matching sports bra to keep active and fashionable.

Capri Leggings

Types of Leggings

The summertime sisters of classic leggings are shorter and called Capri leggings or legging shorts. They’re excellent for warm weather because they stop slightly below your knees. Their ability to go with tunics, crop tops, and tank tops shows how versatile they are. Capri leggings are the ideal way to keep cool while flaunting your legs when the sun is shining. They resemble your go-to leggings for an easygoing ensemble.

Fleece-Lined Leggings

Types of Leggings

Leggings with fleece linings are your best option on chilly winter days. Think of these as your go-to comfortable blanket in pants form! Wearing cozy, snug leggings in the winter is a dream come true. They look great with winter boots, baggy sweaters, and a hot beverage. During the cold winter, fleece-lined leggings are essential for being toasty, comfortable, and fashionable.

Denim Leggings (Jeggings)

Types of Leggings

Jeggings, often known as denim leggings also a type of ankle-length leggings, combine the comfort of leggings with the style of jeans. They are soft, smooth, and ideal for looking put together yet still casual. Wear jeggings with sneakers and a graphic tee for a casual appearance, or dress them up for a night out with ankle boots and a blazer. The classic denim look and the cozy feel of leggings are combined to give you the best of both worlds.

Mesh Leggings

Types of Leggings

Breathability and style are the key features of mesh leggings. They include stylish mesh panels that give your ensemble a contemporary touch. To highlight the distinctive pattern of mesh leggings, style them with crop tops, tank tops, or sports bras. Mesh leggings make you appear and feel cool, whether hanging out or hitting the gym. They also draw attention with their fashionable edge.

Shiny Leggings

Types of Leggings

You can turn heads at parties, special occasions, and anytime you want to look like a star by wearing shiny leggings. Glamour and flair are important to them all. Shiny legging types look great when paired with a stylish shirt, a flashy top, or a sequin blazer. Wearing sparkly leggings can instantly turn you into a glamorous diva and turn any occasion into a red carpet-affair.

Maternity Leggings

Types of Leggings

For pregnant moms, maternity leggings are a great blessing. These super-stretchy ankle leggings for women have a cozy belly band that expands to fit your growing bulge. Maternity leggings go well with pregnancy tops, tunics, and warm sweaters for effortless styling. These leggings give you comfort and style during this unique stage of pregnancy, boosting your self-esteem and supporting you all the way through.

Petite and Plus-Size Leggings

Types of Leggings

Everyone may appreciate the comfort and style of leggings provided because they are inclusive and come in various sizes. You can discover exactly-fitting leggings regardless of your size. The secret is to choose the appropriate fit and size that gives you a sense of security and comfort. Everyone can wear leggings, and you can find the perfect pair out there.

Considerations for Legging Manufacturing

Alright, if you are a fashion enthusiast looking to start a fitness clothing line, the following are some vital points to keep in mind for legging manufacturing.


Since different legging styles have diverse intended applications, so do their manufacturing needs and fabric requirements. For instance, greater comfort and elasticity, emphasizing stretchiness, would be needed for yoga leggings.

Cycling shorts, on the other hand, would use certain windproof and waterproof materials intended to reduce air resistance, improve comfort and flexibility, and lessen friction produced while pedaling.


Comfort is important because leggings fit close to the body. Other than the types of fabric in sportswear, the most important component influencing it is how the seams are stitched. The most popular stitching techniques are seamless patterns and flat seams because they reduce discomfort and friction.


The leggings fit closely to various body types without being unduly tight or impeding mobility because of their flexibility. Sufficient elasticity also supports muscles, lowering the chance of injury during strenuous exercise. Furthermore, elasticity prevents excessive distortion or drooping by helping the leggings retain shape.

Most Popular Leggings

Types of Leggings

While the popularity of particular legging styles can change with time and place, classic, high-waisted, and fitness leggings are among the most well-liked styles. Because of their comfort and adaptability, these looks were adored by many. Though the popularity of particular leggings patterns can fluctuate with changing fashion trends, it’s a good idea to visit sellers or current fashion sources to find out which styles are now in style.

The Viral Leggings

If you’re obsessed with TikTok trends, you’ve probably already heard about the TikTok Leggings or Viral Seasum Yoga Pants, also referred to as “Booty Scrunch Leggings” or “Scrunch Butt Leggings.” 

These leggings were well-known due to their distinctive style, which included a back ruching or scrunching element that emphasized and enhanced the wearer’s buttocks. They gained much popularity on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, where influencers and fitness fanatics displayed their attractive effects.

Ending on a Stylish Note

Now that we’ve had a fun tour through the variety of leggings, we examine twelve designs that satisfy your goals for comfort and style. Every mood and occasion has a legging style, from efficient training leggings to the edgy charm of leather and basic, adaptable leggings.

There’s a perfect pair waiting for you, whether you’re celebrating your unique body shape or expecting a bundle of joy. There’s no end to how you may express yourself through fashion because of the variety of leggings available. Don’t be scared to combine different kinds of leggings to create looks that accurately capture your individuality. Ready to bring your unique legging designs to life? Contact us, your trusted leggings manufacturer, and let’s make your fashion dreams a reality. Create the perfect pair today!

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