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What Are Clothing Quality Control And Quality Check In Manufacturing

We help our customers build trust with their customers and make more sales? Every company needs to make sure that everything they make is of high quality.

In the garment industry, quality control is done from the beginning, when raw materials are bought, to the end, when a finished garment is sold.

Quality control is important for anyone who makes, sells, or exports clothes. This includes how they are made, how they are delivered, how much they cost, etc. Some problems that have to do with quality should never be ignored. People want to buy high-quality goods at a low cost. 

Role of Apparel Quality Control

clothing quality control

How good the products are when they get to the consumers depends on how much they cost. Quality management is the part of management that figures out and puts into action the garment quality policy. Quality assurance includes all of the things that a company does that help it make good products. The inspection is done by people who are currently working on the clothing production, and the results are written on a control chart. The goal of garment inspection is to look at random items from delivery to see if they generally match the instructions, descriptions, and/or clothing sample that were sent.

To What Extent Is Quality Important?

  • If you waste more, you make less money.
  • If your work isn’t good, it will hurt your chances of getting new business.
  • Consistent mistakes can hurt your relationship with your customers or stop the launch of a new brand in its tracks.

Positive Effects Of Quality Control On Business

  • Keeping ahead of the other companies.
  • Less waste means more money at the end of the day.
  • Customers and clients who are happy.
  • You can put the money you save from cutting down on waste back into your business.
  • Once the system for checking is set up and running, people can be put to use in other ways.

Some Quality Checks In Manufacturing To Go Through 

clothing quality control

When making clothes, there are often problems with quality checks in manufacturing, like stitching, color, size, or defects. You should never ignore these problems.

Mistakes in Sewing

Some of the things that can go wrong with sewing are open seams, wrong stitching techniques, threads that don’t match, missing stitches, improper creasing of the garment, and wrong thread tension, among other things.

Color Defects

There were differences in color between the sample and the finished product, wrong color combinations, and dyes that didn’t go together.

Sizing Defects

Getting the sizes wrong or having different measurements for different parts of a garment, like XL sleeves on an L-size body, can make the clothes so worn out that they can’t be fixed.

Flaws in The Finished Garment

Broken or faulty buttons, snaps, stitches, different colors in the same garment, dropped stitches, exposed notches, fabric defects, holes, faulty zippers, loose or hanging sewing threads, misaligned buttons, and holes, missing buttons, needle cuts, pulled or lose yarn, stains, unfinished buttonhole, short zippers, inappropriate trimmings, etc. can all kill a brand name before it even gets started.

Methods To Perform Quality Control In Manufacturing

clothing quality control

Following are the two main ways to check the quality control for garments.

  1. Testing 
  2. Inspection 

Everyone in the company follows the industry Quality Control System, from inspecting each piece of merchandise to the final statistical audit.

Cutting Quality Control

In two steps, quality garments are made sure in the cutting section.

Quality Control Clothing On A Larger Scale:

After a point is made, it is checked while it is being spread.

  • Table marking
  • Ends 
  • Pressure
  • Leaning 
  • Small Goods
  • Counts 
  • Ply height 
  • Remnants 
  • Fabric flaws 
  • Market placement

1.After Cutting The Quality Control For Garments

After each cut, the following points are checked on each block and bundle:

  • Mis cut 
  • Ragged cutting
  • Pattern checks 
  • Plies
  • Notches 

2. Garments Quality Control During The Making Process (Sewing)

During the swing, the line QCs use the inspection system to do “In-process quality control.” All process inspections are done for operations that are important.

During the sewing process, the following things are also checked.

  • Machine check
  • Pressure
  • SPI checks
  • Check the needle
  • Cleanness
  • Check the table
  • Check before washing

3. The Washing Section

  • Handling clothes
  • Wash standard
  • After a thorough wash inspection

4. Lab Testing 

  • Shrinkage test 
  • Color fastness test 
  • Test for azo-free

If you are to start your clothing business so make sure you find the perfect clothing manufacturer for your business, which should at least contain quality control and quality check in manufacturing.

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