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15 Clothing Design Apps For Every Fashion Designer in 2024

Whether you’re a fashionista, a working clothing designer, a graphic illustrator, a stylist, or you’re just learning to be one, you can utilize some of the top fashion apps and tools for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS for free.

They make it simple for designers and makers to find inspiration, design amazing apparel, build a new clothing line, and begin the process of product development with pattern-making, manufacturing, and marketing.

Numerous software companies for clothing design businesses make free programs that can help you succeed, save you time and money, and build your brand by helping you imagine, design, manufacture, produce, and promote fashion products.

Fashion design apps for clothing, both paid and free, can be a terrific source of ideas for quick outfit creation. The applications listed below will undoubtedly be of interest to you if you work in fashion design, develop new patterns and images, or simply enjoy fashion.

Here is our pick of the top 15 fashion applications for clothes designers to get your forthcoming project off to a running start.


clothing design apps

A digital board is how Pinterest looks. Here, you can find countless original ideas for each season’s most beautiful fashion collections.

This is one of the best apps for designer clothes because it makes it simpler and faster to find fantastic collections of images than on Flickr or Google. User-uploaded and user-curated image collections are available.

21 billion ideas and 602 million boards about the fashion industry are included in the app. Pinterest is a fantastic resource for inspiration when coming up with new fashion design tools.

Art Authority

clothing design apps

This application can be a potent instrument for the creation of a new outfit because many fashion products have emerged as a result of the impact of diverse artworks.

More than 100,000 photos of sculptures and paintings by the greatest international artists ever can be found in the library. One of the best apps for clothes and fashion designing, with a strong visual archive for designers and illustrators.

Vogue Runway

clothing design apps

This fashion illustration designer clothing app is what you need if you want to stay up to date on the latest fashion news. The well-known fashion magazine inspired the creation of Vogue Runway, and it houses a sizable image collection.

You can browse through more than 1 million runway photos from 2000 to the present day, as well as images from more than 12,000 fashion shows, here.

You can view images from fashion shows that have taken place around the globe. Almost immediately after the model left the catwalk, users could access photos.

Inspiration can be found by perusing stunning clothing from well-known designers, ready-made outfits, resort, and menswear collections. Enjoy fashion shows from cities like Paris, London, Milan, and more on your iPhone or iPad.


fashion design apps

You must deal with colors and comprehend how they complement one another if you are a fashion designer or aspire to be one. When you can do it yourself without any issues, this is fantastic.

However, you can run into issues when you first start. Try ColorSnap Visualizer for this reason. Here are some of its greatest free options:

Learn to make wise color selections. If you have some design expertise, you are probably aware of how crucial color selection is. If you don’t, the design clothing software will be a complete jumble.

On a digital wall, the colors will be shown so you can simply experiment with pairing different hues and see how they seem together. On this wall, you can apply up to 100 different colors.

For such a wide variety of color walls and functionalities, the app is rather compact. It takes around 100 MB.

On any of your devices, you may download ColorSnap from Google Play and the App Store.


clothing design apps

A fantastic vector graphics program is CorelDRAW. It is an excellent option for beginning designers as well. You can design your own clothes virtually using its tools, starting with creating patterns and fashion design sketches and ending with creating geometric mannequins.

One of the benefits of using this application is the all-encompassing vector drawing bundle. It enables you to produce and edit multi-page documents without using a DTP program.

Numerous page layout and typographic tools, like OpenType compatibility, page numbers, master pages, and others, are included in this graphic design clothes app program.


clothing design apps

An Evernote draws people despite not being one of the specific PC fashion design apps because of how simple it is to use and how well it integrates with other platforms.

You may quickly merge videos, photographs, and texts into folders and files using this application’s features. You can access all of your media from any device because it is all stored in the cloud.


clothing design apps

The Sketch app features a straightforward user interface and a ton of cool plugins. The software to design clothes is constantly being enhanced by outside developers by introducing new sophisticated features. Sketch offers aspiring designers a fantastic opportunity to develop their abilities and possibly earn money.

The online Sketch platform allows you to collaborate, create, and use your original photo ideas, among other things. The program has a built-in prototype option, a top-notch vector editor, and other features that let you turn even the most audacious ideas into fantastic products.

Business of Fashion

clothing design apps

This is one of the most well-liked websites for fashion creation among businesspeople, designers, and executives worldwide. For the Business of Fashion, hundreds of industry insiders and journalists are gathering the most recent data.

You may get comprehensive information about international markets, business intelligence, retail, fashion week, new styles and designers, as well as other fascinating reports, here.

Pantone Color finder

clothing design apps

One of the greatest apps for fashion designers is Pantone, which features a sophisticated color-matching and identification mechanism. It enables fashion designer software to form the best possible partnerships with manufacturers. The color you require can be obtained relatively immediately.

Users of Firefox or Google Chrome can utilize Color Picker and Eye Dropper to find RGB-recognized colors. The colors are converted into the corresponding Pantone numbers via Pantone Color Finder. Users of iPhones and Android devices can download the software.


clothing design apps

You may increase your reputation and draw in new clients by regularly posting your work on social media. Additionally, you can exchange pictures and get ideas for new endeavors.

During the first six hours after a post goes live, many businesses check the comments to see what people are saying about their brand. It aids in their comprehension of how prospective clients view their service or products. You can alter the product in response to the findings of this research to increase customer appeal.


clothing design apps

It’s time to start selling your goods if you’ve already discovered a men’s and women’s clothing design app and set up manufacturing. Shopify is a fantastic website platform for managing your online store.

It has all the resources required to set up a shop, a tracking, and order acceptance system, payment processing, etc. Over 1,000 Enterprise Plus customers and 350,000 organizations are supported by the platform.

This platform is easy to use, straightforward, and uncluttered. Additionally, its connectivity with platforms like Facebook and Amazon enables you to access more business prospects in one location.


clothing design apps

For fashion designers, Canva is a free program that facilitates the creation of graphics, photos, posters, documents, and other visual content. It’s perfect for creating tech packs, croquis, templates, and mood boards.

You may manage material, store graphic data, and keep organized by using the free graphic design platform. For more sophisticated tools and much more material, you can also sign up for Canva Pro.

You may search through tens of thousands of expert templates, photos, and high-quality material on Canva. Your work can be presented, downloaded, scheduled, shared, and printed.


clothing design apps

For fashion designers, distributors, retailers, and other businesses that need to plan the distribution of their products, BrandBoom is one of the greatest tools available. Sending links for booking and payment to showrooms and customers via this internet platform is a terrific approach to taking orders and payments.

You can spend less time speaking with clients if you set up your line sheet. Instead of manually developing line sheets in Adobe InDesign and importing them into Excel documents, BrandBoom is more practical. It will also be simpler for you to keep the information up to date.

Another benefit of BrandBoom is its customer service. Anytime you call the service, they will help you swiftly set things up.


clothing design apps

The ability to make realistic digital paintings is available for only $6. You can create as realistic-looking brush strokes as you can and correct them using the Streamline feature in Procreate. You get 120 painting brushes with this application purchase. Download the artist brushes if this set is too small for you.

The color picker and selection tool in this virtual fashion app is good. With the help of this feature, you can alter specific portions of the image without changing the canvas or illustration as a whole. Another practical choice for designers is time-lapse animation.

You can track the evolution of the design and see how the clothing design you created will move on the body thanks to it.

Sketch Book

clothing design apps

Designers, architects, concept artists, and other professionals are all highly interested in this application. Everything required for digital painting and drawing is included. One of the most well-liked apps for Android and iOS for fashion design is SketchBook. It comes with everything you need to quickly produce amazing drawings.

The user interface of SketchBook is straightforward and user-friendly, and it includes features for expert painting and drawing. Clear and uncluttered user interface. It is undetectable while you are working until you use a tool of some sort.

One of the free applications for fashion that leverages your device’s cameras as scanners are this one. As a result, you are always able to capture the objects you want. The application may be installed on practically any platform and used anywhere.

What App Can I Use To Design Clothes?

Adobe Illustrator Draw

clothing design apps

You may be wondering why we included this software for designing clothes on the list. This app is undoubtedly for graphic artists. However, it will also be highly enjoyable and useful for those who are involved in fashion.

One tool that will work for both experienced designers and newbies is this one. Although the user interface is straightforward, you must first sign up for an Adobe account to use any of its products, including Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Let’s check out what you may create with Adobe Illustrator Draw as a fashion designer:

  • Create fresh models for your upcoming line. You may create vector designs in this program. This is a practical method for creating attractive clothing. Even when you look carefully at vector graphics, their quality won’t degrade because of their high level of precision.
  • Send your drawings out into the world. You could import it and open it in Photoshop or another tool, or you could share it immediately on social media.
  • Utilize CreativeSync for Adobe. This is a fantastic method for syncing all of your gadgets. You are not required to solely work on a computer. When you are traveling, it is ideal to continue working on your phone or tablet.

The software for designing clothes is ideal for a fashion designer due to the features described above. On any device, users of iOS and Android can download it.

How Do You Design A Clothing Line?

Be prepared for both highs and lows when starting a clothing line business. While it’s never simple, it is doable to launch a new business from scratch. All of the well-known brands we see today began somewhere.

  1. Determine a market need. A popular clothing line won’t be successful based on the ego of its creator. Consider a market void that isn’t currently being filled.
  2. Creating a business plan: Your entire career as a fashion clothes design software and clothes producer will be guided by this. What is your ultimate objective for this product? Determine your objective and keep it front and center while you develop your brand.
  3. Choose your target market: Nearly simultaneously with the first step comes this one. Not only should a certain type of clothes exist, but you also need to determine who the target market for that product is.
  4. Begin designing: Probably your area of expertise, so take this as your moment to express yourself creatively. You can learn a lot about yourself as a designer from your first collection, so make sure to produce something you’d be glad to use as your business card in the future.
  5. Find a producer of clothing: You will require a clothing manufacturing partner unless you intend to procure, cut, and sew all of your materials on your own. There are numerous interpretations for this.
  6. Pick a name for your brand, a logo, and a market profile: You are prepared to begin preparing your public profile if it appears that your apparel products can be produced at reasonable production prices.
  7. Decide on a price point for your products: This step is related to figuring out who your target audience is and what they are like. Pick a price point that will cover your production costs without alienating the clients you’ll need to launch your fashion venture.
  8. Launch the marketing campaign: Your new company now has to be known for its brand. This has been a common use for Instagram, and many Instagram influencers are eager to support emerging fashion labels in exchange for goods.
  9. Decide on reasonable distribution and sales targets: To take this step, don’t be reluctant to work with a business expert. You’re not necessarily knowledgeable about clothing distribution just because you have an eye for fashion. If you can reach your sales goals, you can keep growing in accordance with your business plan.

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